9 Yoga Poses for Cyclists

Here is my guest post with DuVine Cycling and Adventures on yoga poses for cyclists.

Yoga is an amazing complement to cycling. It can help alleviate any sore muscles, strain, or tension caused by being on a bike. It involves deep breathing exercises that can really help to prepare you for a bike ride or help relax you after a bike ride, and it helps strengthen your core muscles to maintain a healthy posture and prevent sore back muscles.

Why Do Yoga Before Cycling?

Yoga can be a great warm up and preparation for biking because you don’t want to be stiff when you get on a bike. Many cyclists have day jobs that require them to sit for most of the day. Yoga can be a great way to stretch your hip flexors, which can get tight when sitting at a desk all day. It can help energize you, make you feel more open, calm, relaxed and connected to your breathing, which can help you on tough climbs.

Why Do Yoga After Cycling?

Yoga is especially helpful after a long bike ride. Pigeon and lunges can be a really great counterbalance to the tightness and soreness you may have in your legs and to help alleviate and open your torso and your spine after being forward flexed.

Toby recommends doing each pose before and after with five deep breaths. “If you don’t have time, just choose one or two. Even if you choose one pose, do it every day!”



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