Online Recorded Classes available anytime:

NEW! 18 min yoga stretch– great for after strong workout

 45 Min Core Flow

50 Min Strong and Steady

50 Min Cardio Flow with weights and bands

30 Min Cardio Flow – Strength and Energy

25 min Gentle yoga

35 Min Vinyasa Flow Soothe

35 Min Core Flow

35 Min Challenging Core Flow
40 min Cardio Flow

40 Min Cardio Flow 2

Chair Yoga – gentle

20 min Yoga Warm up and Yoga for Golf 2

Yoga for Golf – 25 min

**In lieu of payment for online videos please consider donating to a charity of your choice.

Some of the Charities I have helped raise money for in the past year :

Vertex Academies  Youth Connect UASAFE Schools, The Second Step Africa Yoga ProjectCradles to CrayonsFlying KitesNAACP Legal Defense Fund,  Pan Mass Challenge, The Generous Hand Initiative , Bartali Youth in Movement and more!!

Cardio Flow is challenging, sweaty, energetic and fun! Its my take on blending heart pumping cardio into a core strength focused yoga flow.

Core Flow– A yoga flow practice with emphasis on building core strength, improving posture and developing flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow Soothe – A moderately challenging yoga flow with subtle core strength work to increase stability while developing peace of mind.