Massage and Bodywork

Receiving massage and energy work is a wonderful complement to maintaining a healthy body and mind. While it’s important to practice yoga so that we learn body alignment and stress relief independently, it’s also important to give ourselves the opportunity to have someone else help us. Here is an introduction to some great forms of therapeutic massage and energy work.

Swedish Massage/Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
Most commonly requested in wellness spas. Adapted from Chinese methods of massage. Generally uses oil, lotion or cream and focuses on long gliding movements combined with some friction. Can be relaxing and gentle or go deeper to focus on releasing deep knots in the muscles.


Thai Massage
Known as ‘lazy man’s yoga’, a relaxing bodywork performed wearing loose fitted clothing on a mat on the floor. Involves gentle pressure points along with yoga like stretches to help joint mobility and flexibility.

Japanese bodywork performed with loose fitted clothing on a mat on the floor. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine working along meridians with thumb pressure to balance body energy.

A gentle form of Japanese energy work involving “laying on hands” in order to keep the unseen “life force energy” flowing. Without obstructions to the flow of energy wellness is maintained.

Rolfing/Structural Integration
Deep work involving the manipulation of myofascial tissue in order to manipulate structural imbalances. This is generally intense and quite deep.